The future of valve design.

From the start we set out to change the standard, to design and engineer the safest most performant valves on the market. That meant revaluating every component, every material to make it stronger and better in every way. The result is a range of products that outperform the competition in every way.

  • Driven by technology.

    We want you to experience unbelievable detail, on an unbelievable scale. We achieve this with latest in 3D CAD, virtual simulation and data management. This allows us to simulate "real world" environments and raise quality, reduce costs and lead times.  Above all it ensures our products are ready to effortlessly fit into the ever more complex worlds of oil and gas, petro chemical and power generation.

  • The ultimate valve, without compromise.

    Our products deliver state-of-the-art performance. We do this by obsessing over every detail. At every stage we evaluate and revaluate every material. Can we make it more reliable, stronger, more performant? Needless to say there's a very powerful valve behind all those details.

  • Surpassing expectation.

    Each design has its own specific attributes, meticulously honed to not only meet customer expectation but surpass them in every way.  Why?  Whether topside or subsea, when a project is deployed we want our customers to have the confidence our products simply work.

Breakthrough service, lasting success.

We can build powerful solutions, which are more advanced than ever. If you are interested working with our forward thinking and dynamic team, get in touch today.