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  • Bespoke Subsea Solutions

    JB Valves develops your solution from the ground up.  Bespoke solutions can be used to dramatically reduce leak paths and allow for rapid project delivery.  Bespoke solutions can be developed to save space, weight and cost.

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  • Subsea Isolation Modules

    Using our core elements, we can develop bespoke solutions that save time, money, and space, whilst reducing potential leak paths and increasing robustness.

  • Subsea Manifold

    We have a vast experience in creating complex solutions that exceed the expectations of our clients. Lead time and quality, saving time and cost for our clients. Incorporation of valve elements, but not limited to:

    •  Check valves

    •  Gauges

    •  Uni-Directional vent valves

    •  Relief valves

    •  Pressure transmitters

    •  Temperature sensors

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Breakthrough service, lasting success.

We can build powerful solutions, which are more advanced than ever. If you are interested working with our forward thinking and dynamic team, get in touch today.