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Redefining the industry.

We are profoundly passionate about our products. It’s a force that has driven and inspired us from day one.


Our products offer state-of-the-art performance with our design services are key to producing the safest and most performant valves on the planet.


From prototyping using the latest 3D printing to the precise machining of exotic alloys. Our dynamic build process are designed with end user requirements in mind.


We take the quality of our products very seriously – our product and service levels, together with our innovative technology and skilled staff ensure we consistently achieve industry leading quality standards.


J B Valves have deployed projects both subsea and topside within the North Sea. Delivering standard and bespoke manufactured products alongside carefully selected EU sourced partner products. Our Product range is developed to exceed the expectation of our clients.

Subsea Valves

Subsea Valves with a difference. Our Unique glandless subsea needle valve benefits from market leading concentricity, eliminating factors that contribute towards gauling.

Subsea Needle Valves without compromise. Single Isolation, Single Block and Bleed, Double Block and bleed & Custom configuration up to 20,000psi.

Utilizing tried and tested sealing technologies. Our range of subsea couplers, check valves and Uni-Directional vent valves are developed with peace of mind at their core.

Subsea Couplers, Check Valves, & Uni-Directional Vent valves.

Subsea Couplers

Tried and tested couplers for peace of mind. 

In addition to bespoke & Legacy compatible couplers we also offer our standard diver & stab mount couplers.


JB Valves has developed pressure sensor equipment designed to withstand the most hazardous of environments. ATEX Zone 0 and up-to 3000m Water Depth. 

Process Interface Valves

Process interface Double Block & Bleed Valves have been developed to allow for seamless integration between the piping system and instrumentation. Our core goal is to reduce potential leak paths whilst keeping fugitive emissions at the core of every design. Monoblock valves also reduce overall weights and reduce the envelope size for more efficient solution planning.  

From 1/2″ to 3″, ASME Cl 150 to Cl2500, API 3K to 10K, Monoflange Neelde Valves & Ball-Needle-Ball, & Ball-Ball-Ball.

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We can build powerful solutions, which are more advanced than ever. If you are interested working with our forward thinking & dynamic team call us on +44 1484 509 888.