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Subsea Actuators
Shallow & deep water applications.


The standard range of subsea actuators are designed and manufactured to be suitable to a depth of 200m. For applications below 200m, up to a maximum operating depth of 3,000m the deep water subsea actuator will be required.

Atuator Type

90 degree rack and pinion valve actuator for Ball or Butterfly types that require fail set action.

Key Benefits

Rack and pinion design provides a linear, balanced torque output, throughout its stroke.  Suitable for use with all known hydraulic fluids.


  • 90 degree rack and pinion valve actuator for Ball or Butterfly types that require fail set action. 
  • Compact yet powerful actuator with up to 207 bar working pressure.

  • Optional remote end position signals or full range transducer.

  • 3000m (10,000 ft) water depth.

  • Choice of hydraulic connection ISO 4401 Size 3 interface or screwed ports.

  • Adjustable end of travel stop screws.

  •  Main body and end covers manufactured in Nodular Graphite Cast Iron (SNG) with stainless steel GR316 fastenings.
  • Rack and pinion manufactured in high tensile alloy steel for arduous duty.
  • Flushing ports or alternatively bleed ports available.
  • Choice of direct mounted hydraulic function blocks.
  • Suitable for close or pedestal mounting, full adaptation provided.

Subsea Actuator Double Acting

Subsea Range Double Acting up-to 3,000mwd
Actuator size10204010020050075010001500
Torque Nm @ 100bar10020040010002000500075001000015000
Swept volume cc's183468170340855127017102540
Approximate weight kg.1114186687190230245260

Subsea Actuator Spring Closure

Subsea Range Spring Closing up-to 3000mwd
Actuator size102040100200500
Torque Nm @ 100bar5010020050010002500
Swept volume cc's183468170340855
Approximate weight kg.19222485120260

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