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Duco Compatible

Duco Compatible


The JB Valves Duco compatible coupler is a poppet style coupling used in subsea applications. The coupler is designed to universally mate with legacy 1/4” & 1/ 2” couplers. This version is compatible with the Duco splined coupler in both 16 & 18 Spline variants. An O-ring seal is used to guide the coupler mate. In shut down or repair situations a single female coupler can be utilised with 16 & 18 spline variants.

Compatibility & Speed of response

JB Valves compatible product matrix will assist with the correct selection to suit your requirement. We 100% test with data capture to allow our clients to get all the information required when they need it. Our lean approach allows us to offer market leading delivery times with a product you can rely on.

Legacy Compatible

Our tried and tested core design building blocks allow replacement equipment to be manufactured within a short lead times with confidence.

Tried & Tested Technology

Our range of couplers have been deployed within critical service campaigns for BP, TAQA and many others. We pride ourselves in going above and beyond our clients expectations.  Our approach of continual improvement of our processes ensure market leading quality and lead times. 

Endurance Testing.

Endurance testing of our compatible equipment is always the highest priority. Both our Aeroquip and Duco compatible couplers utilise a tried and tested metal seated poppet for disconnect sealing. The endurance test has been developed to simulate multiple make & breaks with extended pressurised hold periods. No visible leakage was recorded at any point during the hold periods and after more than 200 full differential cycles.

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