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Stab Mount
Zero Force Mate & Break.



The JB Valves balanced coupler has been designed with flexibility in mind.  Available in three core variants with unlimited connection options. 10,000psi (316 ST/ST), 15,000psi (Nitronic), & 20,000psi( Inconel 718) variants available.

Bespoke Requirements

We understand that legacy assets may have obsolete equipment installed. With our CMM facilities and experience we can assess products that may be beyond reasonable use and manufacture compatible equipment.


Pressure Ranges API 3K, 5K & 10K,
15,000psi (1035 Bar)
20,000psi (1375 Bar)
Materials (pressure Containing) 316 Stainless (10kpsi)
Nitronic (15Kpsi)
Inconel 718 (20Kpsi)
Temperature Ratings -40 °C to 180 °C
Connections JIC, SAE, NPT, BSP & Medium Pressure, Butt Weld, Tube Stubb
(other connection types available upon request)
Maximum Working Depth 3000m
Mounting Direct/Through Mount Male as Standard 6-40mm Thicknes, 32mm cutout min.

Endurance Testing.

Endurance testing of our compatible equipment is always the highest priority. Both our Aeroquip and Duco compatible couplers utilise a tried and tested metal seated poppet for disconnect sealing. The endurance test has been developed to simulate multiple make & breaks with extended pressurised hold periods. No visible leakage was recorded at any point during the hold periods and after more than 200 full differential cycles.

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